Behind the Bar Video Series

Behind the Bar

Telling stories of local bartenders


Their Company Overview

Behind the Bar is a video series about the culture of bartenders. These stories are aimed to educate, entertain and engage the cocktail community through digital platforms and provide insight on the bartender lifestyle.

Tastemakers has created this video channel to highlight experts and thought leaders in order to push and grow the cocktail market


We wanted to create a series of shareable pieces of content for Tastemakers’ bartenders, so that people could engage and share videos quickly on different platforms.

What We Did

We created a series of content that each bartender could use to share their story online.

one (1) 1 - 2 min video (YouTube)
one (1) 30 sec - 1 min video (Instagram and Facebook)
two (2) 6 – 15 second teaser video (Instagram, twitter and Facebook)
five (5) of high resolution photos

VersionMe Company Overview

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