Moët & Chandon Grand Day Edmonton 2018

Moët & Chandon Grand Day Edmonton 2018

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Their Company Overview

Moët & Chandon Grand Day is a 24-hour worldwide celebration of champagne. In Edmonton, the day involves a rooftop patio party with a live DJ, fashion-forward dress code and good vibes all around. This year’s event partnered with Tastemakers Edmonton, the Holy Roller, and Crawford Block.


We were challenged with creating a memorable experience and an event that would host 300 people. We contacted the developer and arranged the property for the event as well as arranged the food partner who created a complimentary a-la-carte menu for the day.

What We Did

The event was a grand success with over 230 guests, 14 bottle service tables sold in advance, and 109 bottles of champagne consumed. We arranged ticket sales for the event and launched a social media countdown to the event to boost ticket sales.

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