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About Us

What is VersionMe?

We are a team of creative experts with the common goal of making this city amazing. We firmly believe that the key to making Edmonton great, is helping Edmontonians express the best version of themselves. We will help your business flourish by personally connecting with your audience through content creation and influencer marketing. We will also help you with areas such as strategic planning, creative copy and ads buying because we want VersionMe to express the best of version you.

Why Version Me Media?

VersionMe was created in December 2016 but our team has been creating digital content since 2009. VersionMe media was created to satisfy the ongoing challenge of communicating in today’s world. With technology advancing every day and consumers’ behavior being constantly influenced by online platforms, businesses can often struggle to keep their branding and content relevant to their customers. VersionMe understands the way our identities change everyday and helps businesses connect to with their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective manner

Edmonton has always been a city of great potential in my eyes. There are so many incredible creators here that can put this city on the map. In 2016, when I started Tastemakers Experience with a group of friends, I really wanted to push for this collective community. I didn’t know exactly where this was going, I just knew that I wanted to create content and I wanted to build events around marketing to bring the community together.

After that I started a marketing company. That went well for about a year but in the end my partners and I took different paths. They wanted to build a platform for content creators to upload their work and collaborate, and I wanted to dive right in and build an agency and start working with clients.

That’s when VersionMe was born. I moved into my own office and after freelancing for a year, I was ready to start a company. I soon had my first client. I was tasked to create content for them and manage their social media.

I failed. Miserably.

There was a lack of resources and communication – the system had fallen apart and everyone involved was unhappy. I quickly realized that I needed a team and that expectations had to be laid out for everyone before starting any work.

Soon after, I absorbed Tastemakers under VersionMe. This was my first major case study around content creation and brand development. I started a passion project called the Behind the Bar video series. Through it I showcased the stories of local bartenders and illustrated how they play a role as connectors in a big city.

I followed this with a series of one-off clients that I had met through Tastemakers and the event industry. I offered them content creation in videos and photos and slowly my company started to pick up speed.

But my major turning point happened over lobster. Actually it was the lobster special pop-up dinner at the Vignettes Dining Series. I was able to sit down with the owner who shared his vision about creating content around his restaurants and leading Italian cuisine in Edmonton. After a year of discussions, I was offered the opportunity to manage his restaurants’ marketing.

Since the fall of 2017, the VersionMe team has grown from a one-man company to a team of four. We now offer content production, strategy and brand development.

Take a look at our case studies and see the Edmonton we’re building together.

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