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Amore Pasta Branding


Branding an Italian Experience

Amore Pasta 2.0


Their Company Overview

At Amore Pasta, they value delicious Italian food with a family touch. With a huge selection of fresh vegetables, imported cheeses and different pastas to choose from, you can build your dream pasta combination and have it ready to go in minutes!

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VersionMe was tasked with refreshing Amore Pasta’s restaurant brand so that it would stand out in the marketplace from their competitors as an Italian restaurant. We planned to create several graphics to use online and on physical products such as decor, napkins, take-out boxes, and more.

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What We Did

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We created the following brand assets:

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We integrated this pattern into multiple designs and advertisements for social media, the company’s website, and other digital branded areas. We also used this pattern to create Amore Pasta’s take-out box, restaurant decor, and window vinyl.

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This fork was created as a secondary brand asset to compliment the Amore Pasta logo both online and offline.

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We created this tagline wordmark through font selection to compliment Amore Pasta’s symbol logo.


VersionMe Company Overview

At VersionMe Media we provide services from multimedia creation to content and strategy planning. The more we create, the more we learn, and the more awesome our final work becomes!

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We can do amazing work for you, too.

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