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Lexus of Edmonton


Storytelling with Lexus of Edmonton

A Branded Story

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Their Company Overview

Lexus of Edmonton is the west end dealership for Lexus cars. They are a leader in Edmonton’s automobile industry and heavily involved in the community. They host various events and activities throughout the year and provide sponsorship to support local initiatives.

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Lexus of Edmonton was looking for a video that would tell their story and who they were as a dealership. They were looking for a video that would show the dealership, sponsored events, and employees.




We did a 1/2 day shoot at their dealership and used past footage that was sent to us to create the final reel.

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Video was released on Facebook exclusively and received these stats.

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VersionMe Company Overview

At VersionMe Media we provide services from multimedia creation to content and strategy planning. The more we create, the more we learn, and the more awesome our final work becomes!

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