March 4

Capturing a Block Party’s Energy

Photography, Video


The Story

A 100 year old building in Edmonton’s warehouse district, the Mercer Warehouse is home to many of the city’s brightest minds and builders. Here you’ll find the city’s finest coffee and cocktails, converse with inspiring creators, and get lost in the maze of great people and organizations.

The Problem:

The Mercer Super Party is an annual block party in downtown Edmonton hosted by the Mercer Warehouse. It is a celebration of all the individuals and companies in the building and an opportunity to get the downtown community together. For this event, Mercer wanted to create a video to highlight the event and showcase the local vendors in their building including Mercer Tavern, Rostizado, Baijiu, Vacancy Hall and Startup Edmonton.

The Solution:

On the day of the super party we carried out a full day video shoot of all the activities. We visited all the businesses within the Warehouse and engaged with their customers, capturing their interactions throughout the day. Finally, we followed a few attendees and organizers over the course of the day to capture their point of view of the party.


photography, video

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